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Birch 40L Net

Birch 40L Net

Available to order from your local franchise store or overnight delivery Shop Now

Options are given depending on the overall weight and destination.

  • each log cut to 25cm length
  • guaranteed under 20% moisture content
  • packed tightly into 40 litre net bags
  • 12-14 nets equivalent to "builders bag"
  • sustainably sourced hardwood

Birch is the best firewood to light, it catches quickly and gives off a good flame making it the best firewood for providing light as well as heat from your stove or open fire.   

There are those who refer to Birch as a softwood, however it is classified by The Forestry Commission as a hardwood.  It is true that it does burns faster than broadleaved hardwoods such as Ash and Beech but it burns nowhere near as fast as softwoods such as pine, fir and spruce.

Birch is sustainable as it is grown commercially for the purpose of harvesting.  A birch forest can be ready for harvest in approx 30-40 years and the trees grown high into the northern hemisphere. 


Kiln dried birch firewood logs are an excellent choice for bringing heat and light to a family home. Here are some benefits of burning kiln dried birch firewood logs in a woodburning stove:

Overall, kiln dried birch firewood logs are an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring warmth and light to their family home. They are efficient, easy to ignite, long-lasting, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, making them a convenient and reliable heat source.

    • Efficient: Kiln dried firewood has a lower moisture content than green (unseasoned) firewood, which means that it burns hotter and more efficiently. This means that you'll get more heat for your money and reduce the amount of firewood you need to burn.
    • Bright and beautiful: Birch is a light-coloured wood with a beautiful grain pattern, making it a great choice for adding warmth and light to your home.
    • Easy to ignite: The low moisture content of kiln dried firewood makes it easy to ignite, so you won't have to struggle to get your fire started.
    • Long-lasting: Kiln dried birch firewood has a high density and a high calorific value, which means that it burns slowly and provides a long-lasting heat source.
    • Safe: The kiln drying process removes any pests or bacteria that may be present in the wood, making it safer to burn.
    • Aesthetically pleasing: Birch is a beautiful wood with a unique grain pattern, making it an attractive choice for your woodburning stove.