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Beithe - Birch

Beithe - Birch
Photo by Sofia Holmberg / Unsplash

The Tree of Birth

Betula Pendula

16/09/2023 Really beautiful flames from this very well seasoned firewood. Always a favourite.

Birch Firewood

Why It's a Great Choice for Your Home

When it comes to firewood, there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you're looking for a high-quality firewood that burns bright and clean, you can't go wrong with birch.

Birch trees are known for their distinctive bark, which peels away in thin, papery layers. But beyond their appearance, birch trees offer a number of benefits when it comes to firewood. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider birch for your next fire:

  • High heat output: Birch firewood is known for its high heat output, which means it can help warm up your home quickly and efficiently. In fact, birch can produce even more heat than other popular firewood types, like oak and maple.
  • Low moisture content: One of the key factors that affects how well firewood burns is its moisture content. Birch has a relatively low moisture content compared to other woods, which means it burns more cleanly and with less smoke.
  • Pleasant aroma: Another advantage of birch firewood is its pleasant aroma. When burned, birch produces a sweet, subtle scent that can help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.
26/1/22 - Really liking these logs and the delivery service. We live in a flat so storage is an issue - so smaller quantities, delivered regularly is what we need. The birch logs light very easily and burn well in our stove.

At reservoir logs, we offer premium birch firewood that is sustainably sourced and carefully seasoned for optimal burning. Our birch logs come in convenient net bags that are easy to store and transport, and they are available for delivery to your door.

16/3/22 Well priced and - just as important - really good quality. They burn long and well and that is a huge relief after a couple of years of poor quality firewood. I will not go elsewhere again.

So why not try birch firewood for your next fire? With its high heat output, low moisture content, pleasant aroma, and ease of use, birch is a great choice for any home. Order your birch firewood from reservoir logs today and experience the difference for yourself!

26/1/22 Latest delivery arrived and (as always) delivered perfectly into my drive. Ordering always dead easy and quality product, especially if you live locally. Will definitely reorder again.