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Wood-Burning Stoves: To Ban or Not to Ban?

Explore the heated debate on wood-burning stoves in the UK, their impact, and how reservoir logs champions sustainable, efficient wood fuel practices.
Wood-Burning Stoves: To Ban or Not to Ban?
Would Mrs Merton have a wood burner?

"Let's have a heated debate", as Mrs Merton would have said, or maybe more apt would be "Let's have a heating debate". 🙂

The Debate

In the heart of Great Britain, the conversation around wood-burning stoves and their environmental impact has ignited diverse opinions. Should they be banned, or can they be part of our sustainable future? At reservoir logs, we believe in a balanced approach that champions both the environment and the cherished tradition of wood-burning stoves.

The Law and Regulation

Recent legislation, including the Clean Air Strategy, the Air Quality Regulations 2020, and the 2021 Environment Act, has not called for a ban but rather a refinement in usage. These laws aim to phase out the most polluting fuels and ensure that all stoves sold from 2022 onwards are clean and efficient. This legislative environment reflects a commitment to air quality and public health, aligning closely with reservoir logs’ dedication to sustainability.


We at reservoir logs are at the forefront of decarbonizing the wood fuel industry in Great Britain. Our ethos is built around providing wood that burns cleaner and more efficiently. Through our franchise model, we’re not just a supplier; we’re a community partner, ensuring that our customers have access to sustainable and carbon-neutral wood fuel. By focusing on good stove installation, regular maintenance like chimney sweeping, and understanding where and how our wood is sourced, we empower our customers to make environmentally responsible choices.

Know your Supplier

The narrative surrounding wood-burning stoves is complex, yet it's clear that with responsible practices and innovative solutions from companies like reservoir logs, wood-burning can remain a valuable, sustainable heating solution. By choosing responsibly sourced wood and adhering to regulations designed to protect our environment, we can enjoy the warmth and tradition of wood-burning stoves without compromising on our environmental commitments.

Let's not let the debate smoulder; together with reservoir logs, we can embrace a future where wood-burning stoves continue to warm our homes and our hearts, sustainably.

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