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The Lifespan of a Tonne Bag of Logs

Discover how long a tonne bag of logs lasts and optimize your home's warmth. Learn about the equivalence of reservoir logs' 40-litre nets to a tonne bag, ensuring comfort and efficiency through colder months. Sustainability meets reliability.
The Lifespan of a Tonne Bag of Logs
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Understanding how long a tonne bag of logs will last is essential for maintaining comfort through the colder months. A tonne bag's duration is a common enquiry, and we're here to demystify this with a focus on our 40-litre nets.

A tonne bag, when filled with logs, offers a substantial amount of wood. At reservoir logs, we've made the comparison simple: equating the volume of a tonne bag to our 40-litre net offerings. Specifically, it takes approximately 25 of our 40-litre nets to match the volume of a standard tonne bag.

This calculation is based on an average usage of five logs per night, translating to a supply that could comfortably last around two months. This approximation assumes moderate use and factors in the efficient burn of our kiln-dried logs, designed for both sustainability and maximum warmth.

For a more detailed exploration of how we measure wood volume versus weight and its implications for your heating needs, we invite you to visit our guide here.

Ensure your home is a sanctuary of warmth this season with reservoir logs, where quality meets reliability.