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Oak - Quercus

Discover the warmth and sustainability of our oak logs. Perfectly seasoned, under 20% moisture content, and cut to 25cm lengths, our oak burns longer and hotter, making it ideal for a cozy fire. Sustainably sourced, our logs ensure a guilt-free warmth.
Oak - Quercus

The Eternal Flame of Warmth and Tradition

Kiln Dried Oak Firewood:

At reservoir logs, we take pride in offering premium Kiln Dried Oak Logs, a testament to timeless warmth and enduring heritage. Sourced with respect for nature, our oak logs are more than just firewood; they are a bridge to the past, a nod to sustainability, and a beacon of comfort for your home.

The Resilient Heart of Oak

Oak has always been revered for its strength and longevity. In folklore, it symbolizes wisdom, endurance, and resilience, qualities that are perfectly mirrored in the burning of oak firewood. When you choose our oak logs, you're not just selecting firewood; you're embracing a piece of history that has warmed the hearths of many generations before us.

Unmatched Quality and Sustainability

Each oak log we offer is meticulously cut to a precise 25cm length, ensuring uniformity and ease of use. With a guaranteed moisture content of under 20%, our kiln dried logs promise a cleaner, more efficient burn. Packed tightly into 40-litre net bags, our sustainably sourced hardwood is not just a choice for today but a commitment to tomorrow.

The Benefits of Oak: A Slow, Steady, and Powerful Burn

Oak is renowned for its dense hardwood characteristics, making it an ideal choice for long, lingering fires. Its slow-burning nature means that once your fire is well established, adding oak will sustain and amplify the heat output, providing warmth and comfort that lasts.

  • Sustainable Warmth: By choosing our kiln dried oak, you are supporting sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that the warmth of your home contributes to the health of our forests.
  • Efficient and Economical: The density of oak means a longer burn time, reducing the frequency of reloads and making it a cost-effective heating solution.
  • Low Moisture, High Heat: With moisture content guaranteed under 20%, our oak logs burn hotter and cleaner, reducing soot build-up and maintenance for your chimney.

Perfect Harmony: A Symphony of Woods

For the ultimate firewood experience, we recommend starting your fire with Birch or Alder for its quick flame. Once established, add our Oak logs for an extended burn time, creating a cosy ambiance that lasts. For those seeking to minimize soot, Aspen provides long, licking flames that keep chimneys cleaner.

Embrace the Warmth of Tradition with Reservoir Logs

Choosing our Kiln Dried Oak Firewood is more than a practical decision; it's a choice to embrace the warmth of tradition, the promise of sustainability, and the enduring beauty of nature's bounty. Let our oak logs light up your hearth and heart, bringing comfort, joy, and a sense of timeless connection to your home.

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