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At the Woodchoppers Ball

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At the Woodchoppers Ball
Woody Herman's Woodchoppers Ball on Ember Records

with Woody Herman and his orchestra

Greetings, vinyl enthusiasts and reservoir logs devotees!

When we have a spring clean, the weirdest things pop out. Hardwood has obviously picked this up somewhere along our travels.

It's the perfect soundtrack for a summer featuring the up and coming DDay 80th Anniversary Celebrations.

We love that it was released on Ember Records 🔥

Here's a wee Hardwood remix for your delectation, he's been on the AI again!

A Slice of Jazz History

Woody Herman, a maestro of jazz, has left an indelible mark on the music world.

Known for his big band leadership and innovative style, Herman’s music transcends time. The Woodchoppers Ball is a quintessential example of his brilliance, capturing the energetic spirit and complex rhythms that defined an era.

Released in 1939, The Woodchoppers Ball quickly became a major hit, embodying the festive and lively spirit of a classic woodchopper's ball. The playful imagery of woodchoppers and a celebratory ball fits perfectly with the era's love for whimsical and memorable titles.

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