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Seamless and Convenient Ordering Experience

Seamless and Convenient Ordering Experience
Screenshot of reservoir logs new ecommerce site

Ordering Kiln-Dried Firewood Made Easy on Our New Website

When it comes to staying warm and cozy during the chilly seasons, reservoir logs has been your trusted name for KILN-DRIED FIREWOOD, HEAT LOG BRIQUETTES, KINDLING, and FIRELIGHTERS. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our brand new website designed to make your ordering experience as smooth as a crackling fire.

Step 1: Finding Your Local Store

Our new website is intuitive and starts by asking for your postcode. Simply enter it, and we'll work our magic to find your local reservoir logs store.

Step 2: Local Store Selection

If there's a reservoir logs franchisee in your area, their store will pop up. Click on it to explore the products they offer. But wait, there's more! If you're in a hurry or your local store doesn't stock what you need, you can also order directly from our HQ for faster delivery (for a slightly higher price).

Example franchise local area store selection

Step 3: Browsing the Store

Once you've selected a store, you'll be whisked away to the franchisees store where you can browse through the products available. Our franchisees carry a selection of our best-loved items. Mix and match as you please.

Step 4: Building Your Basket

Adding items to your basket is a breeze. Simply click "Add to Basket" next to the products you want. Keep an eye on your order total, discounts increase as you add items to the cart.  Delivery costs may vary depending on your choice of store or HQ.

Step 5: Checkout

Ready to warm up your space? Click "Checkout" to review your order. You can choose your delivery options here. Want it quick? Go for HQ delivery. Happy to wait a bit longer? Opt for your local store's delivery. The choice is yours.

Step 6: Secure Payment

We take your payment security seriously. That's why we offer secure payment method at checkout using Hungrrrpay by stripe which allows checkout with credit/debit card, GooglePay and ApplePay.

Step 7: Track your delivery

Once your order is received we will contact you with a convenient delivery date and send a confirmation where you can track your delivery right to your logstore!

Step 8: Admire the stacking

Relax while our franchisees fill your logstore or stack to your instructions.  If it's raining out we will cover your logs so they remain nice and dry for your return home.

Stacked 40L nets of bircah and oak logs, bits and bobs and kindling

Step 9: Enjoy the Warmth

Once you've completed your order, all that's left to do is await the delivery and prepare for some cozy moments by the fire.

Our new website is designed with you in mind, making it easier than ever to get the high-quality firewood products you love.

Ready to place your order? Click here to get started.  The link is also right at the top of the page!

Thank you for choosing reservoir logs for all your firewood needs.

Stay warm, stay cozy!